Is The Warrior Forum A Scam? – Kinda

Before we answer if the Warrior Forum is a scam, let’s first establish what the Warrior Forum is. The Warrior Forum is a well-established and well-known internet/digital marketing forum and marketplace. There are many discussions going on inside and many people offer products and reviews in the marketplace section. They also offer a private section (that you have to pay for of course) on the so-called War Room. It’s a very active forum with many members and it’s really known in the internet marketing community.

That being said, the question remains. Is the Warrior Forum a legit place for internet marketers to hang out and learn, or is it a flat out scam?is the warrior forum a scam? Continue reading →

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The Millionaire Fastlane Review – Still In The Sidewalk?

The Millionaire Fastlane is a book that aims to make a point similar to books like the 4-Hour Workweek and the rest of the genre. The conventional path of life is no longer viable, nor is it desirable The Millionaire Fastlane Reviewin and of itself. Should we all get a good education, work our asses off, save money and wait for retirement to enjoy the fruits of our labor? MJ DeMarco believes there’s another way. In today’s review of the Millionaire Fastlane, I aim to showcase the best gems you can get from the book. Let’s dive right in. Continue reading →

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The Automatic Millionaire Review – One-Step Plan?

Can you really become an Automatic Millionaire with David Bach’s Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich? In today’s review of the Automatic Millionaire BendTheRulez is putting this question to the test.

The Automatic Millionaire Review

The main message

What the book is all about is pretty simple really. Pay yourself first by automating contributions to retirement accounts and investments before even taking into account your living expenses. The idea is that the power of compound interest will make you a millionaire at age 65 automatically. The one-step of the title refers to making those contributions automatic, in order not to rely on willpower. It’s a simple concept really, but the reason most people don’t apply it is because they either don’t believe in it, or they believe it’s too difficult to try it, since many people are just getting by with their income.

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Is Niche Profit Classroom A Scam?

In today’s Niche Profit Classroom Review I want to shed some light on the legitimacy and value of the NPC internet marketing course. More specifically, I aim to answer the question: is niche profit classroom a scam?

In case you are not familiar with it, Niche Profit Classroom or NPC for short is an internet marketing training course which provides training videos, some basic tools, and packages of ready-made business, aka niches. The owner of the platform is Adam Short (no idea if it’s a pen name or something like that).

Is Niche Profit Classroom A Scam

Being a person who has been searching the online world for many years now trying to find a way to make money online, I have come across Niche Profit Classroom numerous times in the past. I have considered buying it and ended up frustrated due to the many upsells and the high price tag.

After settling for Wealthy Affiliate as my go to internet marketing platform, I decided to go back to all those old products and platforms and give them a chance, comparing them to the service and training I have experienced over at Wealthy Affiliate. So, I decided it was high time I did that for Niche Profit Classroom as well.

==>Check my detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform here<== Continue reading →

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The ONE Thing Book Summary – Important Takeaways

I’ve been meaning to read The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results for quite some The ONE Thing Book Summarytime now. The procrastinator I am, I never got down to it. So, I decided to push myself to write this The ONE Thing book Summary, in order to finally read the book. And I did!

Without further ado, let me present the most important takeaways and lessons I got from it!

Summary in a sentence: Find your ONE Thing, prioritize it above everything else and let it drive you to success.

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan start the book with a revelation they actually made in their lives that led to the ONE Thing philosophy. That is, whenever they focused their concentration on only one thing, that’s when they had the most success. Conversely, whenever their focus varied, so did their success.

Buying Options: I suggest Amazon. You can find the best prices on Kindle or paperback. Alternatively, use the Audible trial that gives you 2 audiobooks for free!

==>Check out the ONE Thing at Amazon<==

==>Sign up for the free Audible trial and get 2 free audiobooks<==
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Is Affilorama Worth The Money?

Name of Tool: Affilorma
Prices: Free Membership, $0 (Get it Here), AffiloBlueprint, 297$(Get it Here), AffiloJetpack, 997$(Get it Here)
Owner: Mark Ling
BendTheRulez Rating: Legit and Useful Platform
Geared Towards: Newbies in Affiliate Marketing with Options Available for more Advanced Users

In a glance: Affilorama is a legit platform for someone to learn about affiliate marketing with useful free lessons. The AffiloBlueprint seems to be a quality step-by-step course that helps someone build successful affiliate marketing websites. AffilloJetpack is their premium course that I didn’t particularly like due to the ready-made vibe that it has. All in all, a quality platform with my main criticisms being a focus on backlinks and PLR content, many upsells, a somewhat inactive community and Mark Ling’s promotional e-mails.

==>Get the Free Affilorama Membership here<==

Today I’m gonna try to answer a question that nagged me for quite some time. Is Affilorama worth the money?

When starting out in internet marketing, I scoured the web for hours on end about ways to make money online. As a result, I came across many different programs and courses that promised me Is Affilorama Worth The Moneyriches and supposedly held the secrets to online success. I’m sure you all have!

One of the courses that captured my attention among others was Affilorama by Mark Ling. While I didn’t end up becoming a member(I joined Wealthy Affiliate instead), Affilorama certainly stood out compared to the shitty courses that the internet is full of.

Recently, I came across their website and noticed some changes. This sparked my interest and I decided to become a free member to check the place out. I also researched online for reviews on the premium products that are also offered on the platform.

However, I was disappointed because many of the reviews were outdated and didn’t take into account the changes that have been made on the platform recently. As a result, I chose to delve deeper and compiled the most updated info I could find here.

But first things first… Continue reading →

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Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work? – A NO BULLSHIT Answer

Does Wealthy Affiliate actually work? – An overview

Many people are asking this question online and for good reason. I hope that this post will provide some honest Does Wealthy Affiliate actually work?answers and help you decide for yourself. I did my best to shed some light on everything I know regarding Wealthy Affiliate. But first, a high-level overview.

Name of Tool: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Get it Here)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Get it Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
BendTheRulez Rating: The most legitimate, honest and down to earth affiliate marketing training out there, with TONS of helpful tools and the most vibrant community I’ve seen
Geared Towards: Perfect for Newbies starting out in Affiliate Marketing but Advanced Marketers can also learn and leverage the excellent tools inside

In Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is our top choice for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate and internet marketing in general. With honest and step by step training, ZERO upsells, excellent tools for hosting, domains and keyword research just to name a few. I love that the owners are nothing like the typical internet marketers and they are easily accessible. The community is almost as active as Facebook itself. Advanced marketers can also benefit with weekly advanced live classes, all the tools and community I mentioned and a really profitable affiliate program for them to promote. Continue reading →

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