Why Done is Better Than Perfect

Are you constantly abandoning the projects and goals you start? Are you struggling to get results in your strive for perfection?

If so, you have fallen into the trap of perfectionism.

And the only way to get out of it is to understand that done is better than perfect.

Accept the Messiness

Learn to accept that life at its core is messy. And actually, that is the beauty of it. Nothing, in reality, is truly perfect.

Perfection is a utopia. We should understand and accept that it is impossible to reach perfection, even if we try.

I’m not saying to not try to be the best at what you do. By all means, be sure to do that.

Just understand that the stars won’t always be aligned. Understand that if you are trying to reach a utopic perfection you won’t be able to reach it because it simply doesn’t exist.

What you should do instead is pick a good enough scenario and be content with it.

Done Better Than Perfect

Perfection is a Utopia

Works In Progress

View your everyday projects as works in progress and not as something to be finished. After all, it’s all about loving the process and enjoying the journey, more than reaching a certain destination.

Most projects in life will be continually improved and edited as time goes by. That is actually the best way to move towards the all elusive perfection.

So, don’t fret about reaching a certain destination with your projects. Just focus on continual and never-ending improvement. Get your work out there and make it better down the road.

Ideas Alone Are Useless

A mediocre idea implemented is worth much more than a perfect idea sitting on your shelf.

There are brilliant, intelligent people that get nowhere in life just because they fail to start out and/or follow through on the perfect ideas they have.

It’s better to have a mediocre plan that you can act upon, than spending days trying to come up with the best plan of action that you never follow through.

Ideas Without Implementation Are Useless

Ideas Without Implementation Are Useless

Skyrocket your productivity

When you start focusing on action you’ll see your day to day productivity and output reach new heights.

We live in a world that bombards us with information every day. A world full of social media noise on top of that. This all results in information overload and we are in turn paralyzed and unable to act effectively.

It really is a curse of our age that we must learn to combat with action. We must learn each and every day to limit the input we receive and actually take action on the all the wonderful information that’s out there.

I’m referring to a low information diet similar to what Tim Ferriss suggests in the 4-hour work week.

Learn to impose limits on yourself

In order to practically stop yourself from getting lost in the preparation/thinking stage, you shouldn’t rely on willpower.

Instead, you should rely on concrete rules. So, learn to set limits on yourself in order to become effective.

What kind of limits? When you are on the preparation stage of any project or activity set a time limit that seems reasonable for you to stay in the stage of preparation.

That makes it easy for you to make swift decision based on the limits you have set. The end is not ambiguous at all. You know that when you have reached the time limit (or any limit that may work for your situation for that matter) you have to stop.

The only difficult part then is to respect your limits and move over to the next stage once you have exceeded them.

Set Limits On Yourself

Set Limits On Yourself

Doers produce reality

What only matters at the end of the day is the concrete results that you produce in the real world.

Reality is not shaped by thinking alone. Reality is altered by the people who actually do.

No one really cares about your brilliant ideas or how well you have prepared for your upcoming project.

All that is important is the execution of your ideas. All that matters is the tangible results that you produce.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Applications in internet marketing

In Bend The Rulez we love internet marketing and the way we can leverage the power of the internet to lead awesome lives.

So, this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share how the done is better than perfect mindset can be applied to it.


Making money online is an endeavor that is messy. Our websites and posts are works in progress.

They must be updated regularly to stay relevant and we must produce helpful content on a consistent basis.

All this can become overwhelming. What is the fine line to maintain balance between producing content and producing quality content?

What I mean is that spending most of your time polishing the perfect piece of content may not be the best use of your time.

It’s a lot better to get your good enough content out there and then revisit your posts to make them better and update them as time goes by.

Internet Marketing Can Be Messy

Internet Marketing Can Be Messy

Niche Selection

One of the most overwhelming tasks for someone starting out in internet marketing is selecting their website’s niche. That is their main topic so to speak.

This is a process that can take an enormous amount of time, if you don’t set limits on it.

That’s why I advise most people to pick a set number of days (certainly less than a week), brainstorm and reduce their ideas. When the time limit has been reached be sure to pick your niche and be ok with it.

After all, there isn’t a thing called a perfect niche. There are ways to judge a good niche from a bad one (that I plan to share down the road), but those are just guidelines. No one is a better judge of your niche than reality itself.

So, when choosing a niche don’t get lost in overanalysis. Be a doer and make a decision.

Information Overload

The world of internet marketing is full of info. Oftentimes, this wealth of information is contradicting, even though you get it from credible sources.

The solution to that, at least in my experience is to take everything with a grain of salt. Almost nothing online is set in stone.

More often than not, people have an opinion because of their own experiences. So I encourage you to do the same.

Research and make decisions on your own. Test them and judge for yourself. Maybe change your approach if something doesn’t work.

Foundations in Internet Marketing

Have a Stable Base in Internet Marketing

Have a Stable Base

One more thing I have found of utmost importance in my internet marketing journey has been having a stable base.

With all the information out there, the different “gurus” that end up providing conflicting information (how can gurus do that?), it seems almost impossible to set out on the right foot online.

That’s why it’s imperative to choose a platform you can trust that provides legit training and tools to help you on your journey. For me, this platform has been Wealthy Affiliate (you can check out my review of it here), but it can be any platform you prefer.

Just be sure to have a stable base you can come back to when the conflict of information becomes too much to handle and shiny object syndrome kicks in.

Wrapping Up

By now you should have guessed it. This post isn’t perfect :P.

I could stay here and polish it for the next 2 weeks. However, the core message that I wanted to convey wouldn’t change.

I have made my point, I’m ok with the post I produced and I get it out into the world.

In the future I may come back here and update. Share more of my thoughts or update you on my perspective.

But that won’t keep me from moving on to the next post or activity of my life.

Life is in motion and we should play by its rules.

Realise that perfection doesn’t really exist and enjoy the numerous benefits that come from being a doer and not a thinker.

Over to You

Thanks, everyone and I’ll see you next time!

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Guilty of perfectionism +1

List of what I have not completed:
· Writing a short story (I had planned to write 11 chapters and have the entire outline done but I’m only done with 1/2 of the 1st chapter)
· A piece of cross-stitch (I’m……around 1/10 done?)
· Reading a book (that I had planned to finish in December but only half-way through now)
· Making a visual novel game (similar to the short story, I have the outline done but have not actually started working on it)
· And too many more to list

And the reason why I stopped doing? Because I felt what I produced was not good enough (and in the case of the book, I felt I did not understand the parts that I’ve already read).

I know that getting things done is better than getting things perfect because ‘perfection’ simply does not exist. But I just feel irked the moment I see something that is not perfect……I guess this have do to with the way I’m brought up. I was taught that only the first, the best mattered and will be remembered, the rest, even if you’re second in place will not be recognized.

Oh well. Time for me to get a list of what I have done halfway, then start setting goals to check them off the list one by one……·

Antonis Christonasis

Hey Rachel!

 Seems you’ve got a long list there :P. 

Dealing with perfectionism is something we should all work to improve. The way we are brought up really plays a role. I hadn’t thought of that angle. Thanks for pointing it out. It seems that the competitive mindset that we are all brought up and the belief that winning is the only thing that matters is a big mindset problem our culture has that breeds individuals who are miserable with their lives. After all, if you don’t win you are a loser. However, only one person wins! What happens to the miserable lives of the people who lose? Wrong mindset here I believe.

Good luck with checking off your goals and thanks for the input!

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