Is It Easy To Make Money Online? – Not Another List Post

When I was doing research for this post I noticed a certain trend. Most websites in the search results were list posts of X numbers of ways to make money online. However, almost none of them answered adequately the question I typed into Google. With this post I want to fill the gap and answer honestly, giving you some realistic expectations for your online endeavors. So, is it easy to make money online? 

Is It Easy To Make Money Online Sir?

It’s a question I notice gets asked a lot and I have personally been asked many times. But before moving on and giving you my answer, I want to highlight the problems that I believe arise with this type of question.

is it easy to make money online?

Is It Easy To Make Money Online Dear Sir?

My main concern when I get asked something like this are the motives behind it. What is the person who asks me thinking? The problem is that most people want to make quick bucks online. And that is the biggest roadblock keeping them from actually succeeding.

The online world is no different than the real world in many aspects. There are advantages to running an online business (and some huge ones at that). The location independence, the low startup costs, the fact that you can set your own hours and the global reach are just a few. However, online business at its core is no different than offline business and it’s a problem to view it differently.

How To Actually Make Money Online

If you want to really make money online and if you want to keep doing that consistently for years to come, you should view online business as a serious endeavor, much like you would with an online career, job or business. If you provide mediocre input to your online activities, you will get mediocre results. There is no way around that.

That’s why I fear when I hear people asking me if it is easy to make money online. People who think this way have the wrong mindset towards online business. They are people who want to make some quick bucks or believe there must be some super easy strategy to make money online on autopilot. Those aims and dreams are nonsense.

The Problem With The Get Rick Quick Mentality

With all that being said, there are certainly ways you can make some easy money or quick bucks online. Just do a google search and you’ll find all those list posts I mentioned who showcase numerous ways to make money online. The problem with these posts though is that they just mention the methods. Reading them may result in you thinking the way must be easy. After all, the writer described it in just a few paragraphs.

the sweat and tears behind making money online

The Sweat And Tears Behind Making Money Online

What if those few paragraphs were not giving you the whole picture though? For example, affiliate marketing is mentioned in most of those lists, if not all. Affiliate marketing is a process I have personally been using to make my own money online. Describing it is fairly easy. You recommend products of other people and when someone buys them you get a small fee as compensation for promoting the product essentially. In fact, be sure to read this post for a more detailed breakdown of it.

The problem is that no one details the sweat and tears behind building a real website that gets traffic. That’s the real deal and by doing that you can then build a sustainable online business around affiliate marketing and not only. Unfortunately, this step is mostly omitted when people discuss ways to make money online.

Now that we have established that reading about ways to make money online is not gonna cut it, what’s the next step? What should someone be doing if they want to make money online and do so sustainably?

The Best Way To Make Money Online?

From the many ways that someone can make money online (ranging from taking paid surveys, to watching ads down to becoming a freelancer, in fact check this typical list post if you are short of ideas) what I recommend for anyone starting out or anyone who hasn’t had the sustainable success they want till now is affiliate marketing. It’s a process I am personally using to earn an income online and it would be dishonest from me if I didn’t suggest what is personally working for me.

However, just suggesting affiliate marketing or mentioning it to you won’t cut it. I would be doing everything I bashed until this point. The practical step I would suggest is checking out the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The guys there offer the best step by step, actionable training on affiliate marketing and building an income-producing website from scratch with no experience whatsoever. There are numerous essential tools available as well inside. Be sure to check my review on it and go on making your own free starter account and witness for yourself the quality of the service.

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The Problems With Making “Easy” Money Online

At the end of the day, the question of if it is easy to make money online is tricky. Technically speaking yes, there are easy ways to make money online available. It’s just that I don’t recommend them for various reasons. Firstly, the amount of income you will make with those methods is typically low. Secondly, most of these methods aren’t sustainable. There’s no way to build a career or a full-time income around taking surveys or something. Thirdly, most of them are tedious, boring and provide no value.

making money online is not easy

Making Money Online Is Not Easy

What I do recommend is committing to a real way you can make a business out of, like affiliate marketing. Treat the endeavor as a real business. That’s the only way you will make real and sustainable money online. Maybe even a full-time career around your passion. How’s that for something of value?

Making Money Online Is Simple But Not Easy

The process of making money online is not complicated. It may be chaotic due to the many different paths you can take and the misinformation out there, resulting in chasing shiny objects and never truly committing to a legitimate process. Moreover, I wouldn’t describe it as easy. Not because it’s rocket science. But because few people go into the make money online game with the right mindset and staying in it for the long haul.

So, if you are ready to earn an income online and want to do so legitimately and for the long haul, I would look no further than Wealthy Affiliate which teaches affiliate marketing from scratch and helps you to focus in step by step training amidst the online chaos and misinformation of scams and so-called online gurus. Wealthy Affiliate is a true oasis, at least for me. It’s a safe haven that provides me the foundation I need to earn a full-time income online and run successful websites around my passions, enjoying everything a laptop lifestyle entails.

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