Is Niche Profit Classroom A Scam?

Niche Profit Classroom

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  • Ready-Made Businesses
  • Many Upsells
  • Mediocre Tools

In today’s Niche Profit Classroom Review I want to shed some light on the legitimacy and value of the NPC internet marketing course. More specifically, I aim to answer the question: is niche profit classroom a scam?

In case you are not familiar with it, Niche Profit Classroom or NPC for short is an internet marketing training course which provides training videos, some basic tools, and packages of ready-made business, aka niches. The owner of the platform is Adam Short (no idea if it’s a pen name or something like that).

Is Niche Profit Classroom A Scam

Being a person who has been searching the online world for many years now trying to find a way to make money online, I have come across Niche Profit Classroom numerous times in the past. I have considered buying it and ended up frustrated due to the many upsells and the high price tag.

After settling for Wealthy Affiliate as my go to internet marketing platform, I decided to go back to all those old products and platforms and give them a chance, comparing them to the service and training I have experienced over at Wealthy Affiliate. So, I decided it was high time I did that for Niche Profit Classroom as well.

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So, what does Niche Profit Classroom Provide?

There is a lot of training provided in the form of small videos on the subject of creating products and selling other people’s products online. The main problem is that a big portion of the training is somewhat outdated. The second biggest concern I have with it is the so-called ready-made businesses. Whenever I hear the term ready-made online I know it’s time to run. It’s basically an outdated marketing gimmick, but I’ll talk more about that later.

To start with, there are some things I do like about Niche Profit Classroom. First of all, the method taught is sound and used by many people online to make a living. I’m talking about affiliate marketing, of course. I personally use affiliate marketing to make money online and I can testify that it is a completely legit way.

I also have to state that there is a good volume of information available to study through the videos. Also, the forum seems to be active, which is always a good sign. All in all, a complete newbie in internet and affiliate marketing will get benefit from the videos. Not to say it’s the most optimal way, but it’s a feasible one.

Now, on to my main concerns.

Internet Guruism

I used to love those sales pages in the past. Pools, supercars, mansions and luxury travel. All from the comfort of your laptop and only some clicks away. It’s what most internet marketing self-proclaimed “gurus” use to sell more. Now I mostly hate them. They are full of empty promises and hold no ground to the reality of internet business.

While Adam bashes the other gurus in most of his sales copy, he fails to do anything different. He also shows his luxurious laptop lifestyle and he also promises guaranteed easy riches with the use of his system. Not to mention the fact that he uses ready-made businesses as a way to make you buy. Who doesn’t want a ready-made business that spews money with minimal work form you? Bullshit I say.

Niche Profit Classroom Sales Page

Internet Marketing alongside the pool anyone?

He even states he is a former Yahoo insider and he has leaked best-kept secrets to unlimited online wealth! Come on, this is not 2000! Dishonest marketing and made-up or altered facts that aim to make you feel you are part of an inner society. Bullshit! The way to make money online isn’t secret. It’s quite simple really. You just need to apply hard work and focus on the right methods while ignoring shiny objects. Also, being in it for the long term. Quick riches don’t exist. Nothing more, nothing less.

One more thing that threw me off is that they use the classic marketing trick of limited availability. When you visit the website it seems like the spots have run out. (Who has spots for an online course? Have they run out of chairs or something? :P) What you have to do is submit your e-mail (building a list anyone?) to be notified of the new spots. What happens then is they start to presell you with a classic e-mail sequence and at the end ask you to buy for a “limited time only”. Bullshit once again. They just want to make you feel like you are getting in on something premium. Beautiful marketing, yes. For my tastes though dishonest and outdated. Those tricks are becoming more and more evident to people. Also, I believe Adam does that in order to move people over to his new high-priced course, Niche Profit Full Control, but I plan to talk about this one on a separate post down the road.


From the moment you purchase the product, Adam starts bombarding you with upsell after upsell. I hate this method for two reasons. Firstly, why asking me to buy something when I haven’t even looked at your main product? I don’t even trust you yet. Secondly, why have upsells to start with? Shouldn’t your main product cover my needs? If not, why did I buy it and didn’t know the need for something else from the start? Bad marketing and bad ethics in my opinion.

One of the upsells are the ready-made businesses, so let’s talk about why I hate them.

Ready-Made Businesses

First and foremost, they promote the mindset that someone can make money online quickly. This shouldn’t be your mindset towards internet marketing when starting out and it will ultimately lead you to frustration and failure. You should look at this as a serious business and commitment in order to become successful.

The second reason I dislike the whole idea of ready-made businesses is the fact that this is a bad way for you to learn. You can’t become better at something if someone else does it for you. This way you will always be dependent on the person who built the website for you and you won’t gain any skills yourself. The old adage holds true here as well. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Last but not least, I dislike ready-made websites because of the fact that typically they are low-quality ones. Those guys use PLR articles to provide content for your website. John Chow does a good introduction to PLR articles and possible uses for them here. Just ignore the advice on backlinking since the article is from 2009 :P. PLR articles are almost worthless for the search engines since Google only values original content. To top it all off, those niche ideas are sent to a lot of members each time, which makes it possible for more than one person to pursue the same niche using the same ready-made website! Well, that would be funny!

Be sure to check the following video as well of a former member that invested and had nothing in return. I don’t know the guy, just found the video during my research and thought it was interesting to include.


The training of the course consists of short videos that feature slideshows. The bad thing about them is that they don’t actually show you what to do. This is quite bad when teaching someone a new skill. You can learn more easily and be able to apply your knowledge better when you see someone doing it in front of you. That’s why over the shoulder videos are a lot better for teaching.

Here they give you what to do but not how to do it. The information itself isn’t something groundbreaking and most people who have been online at some time won’t find much value. As for the newbies out there, the info is not bad. However, the fact that they don’t show you exactly what to do makes the training inferior to over the shoulder videos, such as the ones of Wealthy Affiliate.

==>Check my detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform here<==


Niche Profit Classroom is not an evolving training platform. And that is a huge problem with online marketing. The online world is evolving by the minute. You can’t expect to make some training and leave it at that. You have to update it as time goes by and that is not the case with NPC.

Most online courses that I have come across (Niche Profit Classroom included) still have some pretty outdated training about backlinking. They still promote posting to article directories, a method which nowadays will even hurt your websites instead of helping them.


All in all, the training of Niche Profit Classroom is not the worst, but it’s not ideal for a newbie. They would learn new stuff, but they would have difficulty actually implementing what they learn.

For advanced people, almost nothing inside the NPC training will prove to be something they didn’t know. The question remains, is Niche Profit Classroom worth the 67$ per month fee? When most of the info is either basic or outdated and when there are other platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, that provide better training and a complete package of tools to build your online businesses at a much lower monthly fee, not at all!

Add the fact that I dislike the whole mentality of getting rich quick and self-proclaimed internet “gurus” showing off their supposed supercars, mansions, and pools, and I believe you understand that I don’t really endorse Niche Profit Classroom. I wouldn’t say they are a flat out scam, but they are borderline on the scam metrics.

What do I recommend?

I have talked about the Wealthy Affiliate platform before. It’s the place that I learned how to make money online and where I keep myself continually educated on the field. I also host my websites over there and love it. It’s the best place for newbies to start learning how to build income producing websites and I recommend them more than any other platform online. It’s also the best place for advanced marketers to take their internet marketing to the next level. Be sure to check my detailed review of the platform.

==>Check my detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform here<==

Wrapping up

    • I hope you found today’s Niche Profit Classroom review helpful. Over to you. Is Niche Profit Classroom A Scam? I would love your feedback and experiences with the platform in the past. Share in the comment section
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Thanks, everyone and I’ll see you next time!

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Posted by Antonis Christonasis


This is a well-written review of Niche Profit Classroom. It sounds like so many other scams out there.
Like you I searched the Internet looking for a way to make money online from home. I saw so many get rich quick, live in a mansion, drive an exotic car, work from a beach, ads that it made me sick. My experience, fortunately, held me back. Nobody gets rich quick without working tons of hours, and then they don’t generally share their knowledge and experience because it took so much hard work to get where they are.
I have stopped searching because I found the one exception, Wealthy Affiliate. And it is not advertised as a get rich quick scheme. They tell you up front that you have to work hard but eventually will get out of it what you put in. If you put in hard work and follow the training you will succeed.

Antonis Christonasis

Hey Ed, glad you liked the review. You are spot on about the fact that noone will really share their secrets easily. They just want to paint a picture that no work is needed to succeed online, which is far from the truth in order to get more sales. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed sincere in its claims, which is one of the reasons it hooked me in. Glad to see a fellow member’s input. Cheers!

It seems like something put together by the owner Himself since there are slides as part of training and some short videos but the price is too high since there are some better alternatives.
More alternatives that teach building an online business with better tools and more up to date training.
But with this program also You need to wait to get in since they only accept such amount of students.
I would ditch this program in a heart beat.
Up sell seems to be part of MLM type guys wanting to maximize their profits than really teaching.

Antonis Christonasis

The price compared to other programs such as Wealthy Affiliate is pretty outrageous, considering the value provided as well. The tools of Wealthy Affiliate, as well as the up-to-date quality training makes it a no-brainer for me. I don’t have much experience with MLM, but yes upsells are a bad way of marketing I dislike. They also seem to have the enrollment closed in order to build up hype or promote their other product, Niche Profit Full Control. Either way, I would certainly go with Wealthy Affiliate above both.

==> Be sure to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Anthonis,
I strongly agree with you about ready to use websites. Yes, I know there some legit ones. In fact I know of one whose owner writes high quality posts for 6 months and lets it have good ranking and traffic before selling it.
Even with that, I’d still have my doubts because I think the important thing missing is the relationship one establishes with readers by building his or her own websites.

Antonis Christonasis

The one you are talking about seems legit. However, you are right about the value of even legit ready made websites. You really make no connection with your readers. Also, I don’t really belive those websites are worth their price tag. Just some articles and a 6-month aged domain won’t do you much good. They are stuff you can do on your own pretty easy with some patience and guidance.

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