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Before we answer if the Warrior Forum is a scam, let’s first establish what the Warrior Forum is. The Warrior Forum is a well-established and well-known internet/digital marketing forum and marketplace. There are many discussions going on inside and many people offer products and reviews in the marketplace section. They also offer a private section (that you have to pay for of course) on the so-called War Room. It’s a very active forum with many members and it’s really known in the internet marketing community.

That being said, the question remains. Is the Warrior Forum a legit place for internet marketers to hang out and learn, or is it a flat out scam?is the warrior forum a scam?

Is The Warrior Forum A Scam?

It’s fair to first say that there are indeed some interesting discussions going on in the forum. Interesting information on different products can also be found.

Is it though a good place to learn? Probably not.

There is so much free information available online and so many bloggers who share useful content. Just find the ones that suit you better and follow them. I personally have many bloggers and internet marketers I follow and read their content. However, the most important step I took for my internet marketing success was joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform, the best community and training platform online in my opinion.

Is the Warrior Forum to be trusted?

There are two versions of the forum basically. The free one and the paid one, which is called the War Room as I have already told you.

With the free membership, you can access the most popular topics in internet marketing, such as email marketing, SEO, E-commerce, Social Media etc.

Let’s start off by saying that there are many sections on the forum that are full of different languages. It’s not something bad necessarily. After all, those sections can be really helpful for people not speaking English. It’s just something someone considering the forum should be aware of.

A Bit Chaotic

There is a big problem with organisation. Many questions are asked over and over again in many different sections of the forum. However, the biggest problem is the culture those questions are creating. Most people are asking about the best way to rank or the best way to profit online. This creates a culture of internet marketers who don’t focus on working hard and learning the basics, but instead try to find quick fixes. That’s a very bad habit to get into, especially when starting out. It’s something that can actually make or break your website and undermine your possibilities for success.

Never Before Seen Way To Instantly Make Millions Online?

The problem is further amplified by people who write posts that aim to satisfy this quick fix hunger. Titles like the secret system to get traffic or ultimate way to make money online are abundant. This information isn’t just not helpful, especially for newbies online, but it can actually be quite dangerous, teaching bad habits and promoting the idea of making quick bucks, a mindset that is unfortunately quite popular online. Many people fail in internet marketing because of false expectations and not treating their make money online endeavors as a real business.

The WSO Craze And The Self-Proclaimed Gurus

ridiculous wso offers

Ridiculous Claims From WSOs On The Warrior Forum

One of the worst sections of the Warrior Forum is the WSO (Warrior Special Offer) zone which is a part of the Marketplace. People who have been online for some time are probably aware of WSOs and probably have lost money buying them. They are essentially guides that provide ways to make money online. The problem with them is that they are mostly crap.

And the bigger problem is that they are advertised as super-secret, never-before-seen techniques, when in reality they are rehashed information you can find online for free at best. Those self-proclaimed gurus make ridiculous claims on how much money they make, without providing any evidence whatsoever. Let’s consider the following. Would that successful internet or affiliate marketers be hanging out most of their days in a forum? No, they would be out there running their successful businesses. Those guys are there to fish the naive newbies and the people just starting out, in order to sell their crappy products to them. Period. (For many interesting stories on different “gurus” of the Warrior Forum be sure to check this blog.)

The Dictatorship Of The Mods?

And where are the moderators? Ask themselves. But before you do ask the mods, be aware of the easy bans and deletes that happen to people who complain about “products”. In fact, I have been informed that they took down a thread regarding Wealthy Affiliate, a platform I personally use and am a member of and whose legitimacy I can testify for personally. The reason seems to be a mystery.

The funniest thing about the WSO Section is that you cannot criticise the product or its claims if you haven’t bought it. However, you can praise it, even if you haven’t bought it. Moreover, the forum is not concerned with complaints or the returns of products. You have to run your claim only through the owners themselves. How’s that for balanced rules?

Not to completely bash the whole WSO zone, there are certainly some guides with value, but with the lack of support and the majority of scammy products inside, you are best to stay away. If you really want a step by step, all-encompassing, legit platform to teach you how to make money online, I urge you to look no further than Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform for the purpose online right now.

warrior ask me anything(wama) events

Some Big Internet Marketing Names On The Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) Events

Warrior Ask Me Anything

A somewhat good part of the forum is the Warrior Ask Me Anything section, where “experts” answer questions on different topics. It’s a good section to get value, but you should exercise your own criticism. Don’t just hero-worship the experts and try to copy them. Just try to learn from them and use your own judgment. Ultimately, don’t strive to be a copycat and learn to carve your own path online.

Something that was startling to me was that they charge 60 dollars for you to insert an image in your profile signature. That is everything that is written after your profile when you comment on the forum. While some people may get their attention grabbed by your signature, in most cases it seems ridiculously expensive to pay that much for a forum signature.

War Room Anyone?

the warrior forum war room

Not Much Supercharging In The Warrior Forum Warrior Room

The War Room is a part of the forum that you shouldn’t pay to visit. While advertised as the best place for expert advice, it seems to be more of the same. Ridiculously titled WSO’s and guides that have little to no value.

The Verdict: Is The Warrior Forum Of Any Value?

At the end of the day, the Warrior Forum is a place that is confusing and potentially dangerous for people starting out in internet marketing. The newbies will get lost and they will get taught bad habits. In fact, the worst habit you can have online is searching for the silver bullet or the magic formula to help you make money online. There is no such thing and the people who promote those ideas are con artists. If you really want to make a living online, join a legit community and training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, focus on the method they teach (which works!) and work your ass off without getting sidetracked by shiny objects.

The only people who can get some value from the Warrior Forum are seasoned internet marketers, who can separate the wheat from the chaff and with their own judgment get useful information inside the chaos of the forum.

My final verdict is that I cannot proclaim the Warrior Forum itself a scam. It also seems to have changed ownership lately which may be a sign of some positive changes. That being said, there are many scammers inside the forum and it is in general a huge hub of misinformation, especially for inexperienced internet marketers who don’t have the judgment necessary to tell what’s helpful and what’s not. Be sure to use your own judgment and proceed with caution. That’s all I can say.

Your Opinions

  • If you have any experiences regarding the Warrior Forum, been a member there or bought some WSO, I can’t wait for your experiences in the comments below. If you happen to have any quesrtions regarding my review of the Warrior Forum be sure to leave them below as well and I’ll do my best to answer them.
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Thanks, everyone and I’ll see you next time!

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Posted by Antonis Christonasis


Johnny Ferrara

Hi Antonis,

Thanks for sharing us your insights about us. We at Warrior Forum are continually striving to improve the forum and have started with a brand-new team and office in Vancouver. The War Room is an elite private discussion group, and we have also improved the way forum members publish content. Please feel free to reach us at as well should have further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share.


Johnny F.

Dear Antonis Christonasis,

Thank you for your review of the website. We apologize if your experience didn’t match your expectations. We at Warrior forums have recently made changes in the forums and would encourage you to try it.

We are aiming for a better user experience for both paid and free members, with quality content and services offered in the website.

Please feel free to reach out to with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share



Hey Antonis,

We’ve recently changed management over here at Warrior Forum and we’ve been putting a lot of our efforts into making improvements on the forum.

Major things that we’ve been working on:
– Bringing in fresh & relevant content (ie. news, updates, strategy, guest features, etc)
– Re-introducing the Weekly Special Deal Offers
– Bringing our WSO Approval Time down to 72 Hours
– Local meetups (hosted an e-commerce marketing event with a 80+ people turn out)
– Brought in a new community mod that engages on the forum (we’ve received good feedback from the community about that as well)
– Fixing technical bugs on the forum

If you’re interested, we’d love to have a chat and provide you access to the Warrior Forum’s resources & tools so that you can have a better look to potentially re-evaluate the score after getting a better idea of what we’re offering, how the community members feel, upcoming updates and the general direction so that you’re providing a more accurate review.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

Antonis Christonasis

Hi. Feel free to contact me personally through email and we can discuss possibilities 🙂

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