The ONE Thing Book Summary – Important Takeaways

The ONE Thing Book Summary

I’ve been meaning to read The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results for quite some time now. The procrastinator I am, I never got down to it. So, I decided to push myself to write this The ONE Thing book Summary, in order to finally read the book. And I did!

Without further ado, let me present the most important takeaways and lessons I got from it!

Summary in a sentence: Find your ONE Thing, prioritize it above everything else and let it drive you to success.

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan start the book with a revelation they actually made in their lives that led to the ONE Thing philosophy. That is, whenever they focused their concentration on only one thing, that’s when they had the most success. Conversely, whenever their focus varied, so did their success.

Buying Options: I suggest Amazon. You can find the best prices on Kindle or paperback. Alternatively, use the Audible trial that gives you 2 audiobooks for free!

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Paralysis Analysis Syndrome – How to Get Rid Of It

If you have fallen time and again into the trap of paralysis analysis syndrome, then I and you are no different. We are people who overthink and get lost in the haze of information while losing our knack for action.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can overcome the trap of paralysis by analysis by following a simple set of paradigm shifts. Before we dig in though, let’s define the enemy.

What is Paralysis Analysis Syndrome exactly?

Paralysis Analysis Syndrome is the tendency to drown in information that isn’t actionable. There is a thing called information overload and it’s easy to drown in information in today’s noisy online world.

Paralysis Analysis Syndrome

For the internet marketers and website owners out there, it manifests in checking their stats multiple times a day. How is my traffic today? Let’s dive into Google Analytics. Did I get any likes or shares? Time for the social media high of the day. Did I make any money? Let’s open our affiliate accounts and go wild. Those actions may seem harmless. After all, what’s wrong with checking how things are going? Continue reading →

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Is Affilorama Worth The Money?

Name of Tool: Affilorma
Prices: Free Membership, $0 (Get it Here), AffiloBlueprint, 297$(Get it Here), AffiloJetpack, 997$(Get it Here)
Owner: Mark Ling
BendTheRulez Rating: Legit and Useful Platform
Geared Towards: Newbies in Affiliate Marketing with Options Available for more Advanced Users

In a glance: Affilorama is a legit platform for someone to learn about affiliate marketing with useful free lessons. The AffiloBlueprint seems to be a quality step-by-step course that helps someone build successful affiliate marketing websites. AffilloJetpack is their premium course that I didn’t particularly like due to the ready-made vibe that it has. All in all, a quality platform with my main criticisms being a focus on backlinks and PLR content, many upsells, a somewhat inactive community and Mark Ling’s promotional e-mails.

==>Get the Free Affilorama Membership here<==

Today I’m gonna try to answer a question that nagged me for quite some time. Is Affilorama worth the money?

When starting out in internet marketing, I scoured the web for hours on end about ways to make money online. As a result, I came across many different programs and courses that promised me Is Affilorama Worth The Moneyriches and supposedly held the secrets to online success. I’m sure you all have!

One of the courses that captured my attention among others was Affilorama by Mark Ling. While I didn’t end up becoming a member(I joined Wealthy Affiliate instead), Affilorama certainly stood out compared to the shitty courses that the internet is full of.

Recently, I came across their website and noticed some changes. This sparked my interest and I decided to become a free member to check the place out. I also researched online for reviews on the premium products that are also offered on the platform.

However, I was disappointed because many of the reviews were outdated and didn’t take into account the changes that have been made on the platform recently. As a result, I chose to delve deeper and compiled the most updated info I could find here.

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What is Shiny Object Syndrome? – An Attitude Disease

I’m sure you can all relate to the following story. I ran hectically to get into my car. I had just finished my workout and had to get back home for my “productive” routine.

That was simply juggling What is Shiny Object Syndromefive tasks from five different projects I had going at once. That state was normal in my mind, but nothing felt normal about it.

Being so busy all day with all those “important” tasks would make someone believe that I was super successful. After all, making progress in so many goals is what it’s all about.

Well, far from it. I was the victim of a disease that plagues today’s society and especially the internet marketing world. That disease is called shiny object syndrome and we all succumb to it from time to time.

But, what is shiny object syndrome? And what ways are there to overcome it? Let’s dive right in. Continue reading →

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How to Discover New Blogs – 12+1 Ways

Being an avid blog reader myself for many years now, I sometimes run into the problem of blog shortage. What I mean is that I run out of blogs to read or just get bored of the blogs I’ve been reading for quite some time. If you are just like me, then BendTheRulez has got you covered with our guide on how to discover new blogs.

How to Discover New Blogs – Our 12 Top WaysHow to Discover New Blogs

To start off, let me propose the 12 best ways I have found on discovering new and interesting blogs. Note that those methods change from time to time, so I’ll do my best to update as soon as anything new catches my attention or a method on the list becomes obsolete ;).

1. Alltop

Alltop is a blog directory with a huge selection of the web’s top blogs and news sites grouped by topic. Moreover, you can create your own account to keep your favorite blogs organized, essentially making it a feed reader as well!

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