Paralysis Analysis Syndrome – How to Get Rid Of It

If you have fallen time and again into the trap of paralysis analysis syndrome, then I and you are no different. We are people who overthink and get lost in the haze of information while losing our knack for action.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can overcome the trap of paralysis by analysis by following a simple set of paradigm shifts. Before we dig in though, let’s define the enemy.

What is Paralysis Analysis Syndrome exactly?

Paralysis Analysis Syndrome is the tendency to drown in information that isn’t actionable. There is a thing called information overload and it’s easy to drown in information in today’s noisy online world.

Paralysis Analysis Syndrome

For the internet marketers and website owners out there, it manifests in checking their stats multiple times a day. How is my traffic today? Let’s dive into Google Analytics. Did I get any likes or shares? Time for the social media high of the day. Did I make any money? Let’s open our affiliate accounts and go wild. Those actions may seem harmless. After all, what’s wrong with checking how things are going?

The problem is that it’s extremely easy to drown in the sea of details and stats. On top of that, it’s quite difficult to get valuable insight from a wealth of information. There is actually a whole science that does that, data mining.

The end result is that we end up being unable to act, because we overanalyze, overthink and spend our time with information that holds no immediate, actionable value.

The Disease is Everywhere

Paralysis Analysis is also seen in other facets of our lives. Many of us wonder (myself included) about what is the optimal training program. The problem is we forget to work out, despite the fact that we researched the subject for hours on end :P.

We analyze the actions and possible thoughts of others regarding us. What are they thinking? We obsess about people that don’t matter. Worse, we overanalyze so much, that we end up believing bullshit about people that just aren’t true. They are just the result of our hyperactive imagination and overanalysis of things.The Paralysis Analysis Disease

We let opportunities pass us by, while we overanalyze all the different possibilities and end up paralyzed and unable to seize the possibilities that present themselves.

We obsess over the things we want to buy. We obsess and overanalyze the way our websites and houses look. We stress over the ultimate productivity system and end up doing nothing.

We obsess about things that don’t matter much and end up doing nothing.

Paralysis Analysis is a plague and we must banish it once and for all.

Why Finished is Better than Perfect

In life completion seems to be more important than perfection. No one cares if you spent the last month polishing the best blog post, or took the time to find the cheapest way to buy something.

What really matters at the end of the day is tangible results. Not perfection.

Finished is Better than Perfect
After all, the time and effort it takes to achieve perfection is disproportionate to the reward. You can easily get to the 80-90% for probably 20% the effort. It’s Pareto’s Law once again. The effort and time it takes to reach the 100% perfect status, most times isn’t even worth it. Tim Ferriss has also talked about this philosophy in the 4-Hour Work Week.

==>Check my review of The 4-Hour Work Week here<==

Not to mention the fact that perfection doesn’t exist. It’s, in fact, a utopia that we hold in our minds.

It’s better to publish 3 good enough blog posts a week than to obsess over a perfect one and end up publishing new content once a month. It’s better to follow a workout routine that works for you and you enjoy than to obsess over the most efficient way to train and do nothing. It’s better to let go of what other people think of you and enjoy life.

It’s better to act than to stay paralyzed. It’s better to follow a good enough process than fail in your quest for finding the perfect one out there.

The Need for Actionable Information

It’s easy to fall into the trap of information overload. In the information age that we live in, how can someone separate the wheat from the chaff?

I have found that the best way to get over paralysis by analysis is to filter all the information that comes to you. Filter it through one question. Is the information immediately actionable? If yes, then, by all means, delve into it. Understand it and act upon it. Don’t wait to act on what you learn someday. Act immediately on what you learn.

If not though be ruthless. Cut out all the unnecessary information. Learn to silence the noise and you will gain the ability and the clarity to focus and take action on what is truly important.

The Need for Constraints

Another mindset shift that I have found to be effective in getting rid of the paralysis analysis syndrome is imposing limits on yourself. When you find yourself in the trap of indecisiveness and you are unable to take action, decide on a time limit.

Give yourself a certain reasonable amount of time. By the end of it, simply make a decision. Flip a coin if you have to, but when the time limit has been reached, be sure to have a decision ready.

Another helpful technique to utilize is limiting your choices and committing. When trying to decide on something to pursue, be sure to limit the possible choices you have as much as possible. Decide on one training program, decide on one internet marketing course to follow, decide on one person to be with, decide on one goal to pursue with all your might.

Minimalism can clear the noise in your head and help you commit to one course of action. We have written about Shiny Object Syndrome before and this is no different. To become an action taker, decide on ONE course of action, commit to it and make it work.

How I Got Rid of Paralysis Analysis Syndrome

I’m one of the first people who fall victim to paralysis analysis syndrome. In my internet marketing career, I have obsessed many times with what is the best course of action to follow for success. With all the courses available out there, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

The only thing that helped me take action was committing to a platform that I saw was legitimate and taught the real way on how to make money online. That’s why I committed to Wealthy Affiliate and haven’t looked back since then. But that’s a story of another day. You can read my review of the platform if you are interested.

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The same philosophy has helped me in many facets of my life. I love the relationship that I have with my one girlfriend. I love the clarity that comes when pursuing one goal (although I break this one quite a lot). I love actually working out, instead of obsessing over the best training program (also guilty :P).

At the end of the day, committing to one course of action is what brings clarity and the best results in my life.

Wrapping Up: Get Rid of Paralysis Analysis Syndrome

I believe today’s post has helped you understand how detrimental paralysis analysis syndrome can be for your productivity and life. Be sure to focus on actionable information and limiting yourself to one choice you commit to. At the end of the day, the vital few are the ones that truly matter, so stop swarming yourself with information and stats that hold no actionable value.

Question of the Day: What are the ways you fall victim to paralysis analysis syndrome and what are your best techniques to get rid of it? Share in the comments below. Also, be sure to share socially and leave a like if you enjoyed today’s post or believe it might be helpful for someone you know. Thanks, everyone!

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Wow Antonis this is excellent!! I had no idea where this was going really but as I read I got more and more absorbed! It is so true about studying data and getting carried away with all the little extra bits rather than just taking a step by step approach and working steadily on.

I LOVE Wealthy Affiliate, I have an awful lot to thank them for and am glad I joined everyday but you have given me the kick up the butt I needed to get back on the training and do what I’m told instead of scrolling through PInterest for hours looking for different advice! I don’t know what I was doing – I know that WA works! It is working for me, I just need to be consistent and not get pulled into “The next best thing!!”

Thanks so much. x

Antonis Christonasis

Taking things step by step and not drowning in details and information is really important. Happy to find another Wealthy Affiliate member that has walked the path successfully. Sometimes social media like Pinterest can prove to be huge time-consuming holes, so I’m happy that I was the one to give you the kick in the butt :P. Wealthy Affiliate really does work but consistency is key. Be sure to check my post on the Shiny Object Syndrome, to help you stop chasing the next best thing ;). Thanks for the input!

Wow amazing post and I truly have about the same story when I was looking on how to make money from home, that is where I started. I had reviewed and joined so many different get rich schemes and basically got poor. I truly had to commit to one thing and I truly think that I have found the diamond in the rough. Great post and very up-lifting and motivating for me.

Antonis Christonasis

Wealthy Affiliate is really the best place to start learning how to make money from home. Most online programs are scams and exist to make their owners wealthy and their users poorer. Commitment though is essential when you have found the diamond ;). Happy the post motivated you! Cheers!

oh gosh paralysis analysis syndrome gets us all and it can be detrimental to our success.

Sometimes I don’t even realise that I’m stuck in it until I’ve been mulling over options and look up at the clock and its been HOURS.

What I love to do is go to my helpful community at Wealthy Affiliate to ask for advice. Often I get pointed in the right direction, or someone has already looked into what I’m stuck with so I can move forward straight away.

Antonis Christonasis

Analysis paralysis can really be detrimental to our productivity and thus our success. I have lost many hours myself too ;P. I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate as well and the community is top notch. You can’t get stuck for long with such high-quality direction!

Wow, really an intense arrival. Never heard the term but I know the feelings. Really thought that was the norm. I will have to set some ground rules on this one. Love the article awesome.

Antonis Christonasis

Setting some rules to serve as limits can certainly help in paralysis by analysis. Be sure to do that! Keep it simple and you’re good to go!

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